LLC Supervision

Julie Shaltry, MA, LPC, CAADC, NCC and Amanda Davarn, MA, LPC are pleased to offer supervision to LLCs working towards their LPC in Michigan.


  • Grand Ledge, MI
  • Virtual

Dates and Times  

  • Determined by Group Cohort Consensus or Individually


  • Individual: $100 for 2-hour session
  • Group of 2: $75/ 2-hour session
  • Group of 3: $60/2-hour session
  • Group of 4 or more: $50/2 hours, $100 for 4-hour group

Clinical Supervision Contract for Limited Licensed Professional Counselors

The supervision contract is designed to outline the purpose, goals, and expectations of clinical supervision between the Limited Licensed Counselor (LLC) and the supervisor. The National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) states that “supervision is a social influence process that occurs over time, in which the supervisor participates with supervisees to ensure quality of clinical care. Effective supervisors observe, mentor, coach, evaluate, inspire, and create an atmosphere that promotes self-motivation, learning, and professional development.” To become a fully licensed professional counselor (LPC), Michigan requires LLCs have supervision for the full duration of time they are an LLC, for a minimum of 100 hours over the course of not less than two years.

Purpose, Goals, and Objectives

  • Monitor and promote client welfare
  • Promote development of supervisee’s professional identity and competence
  • Fulfill requirements for LPC certification

Method of Evaluation

Verbal evaluative feedback will be provided by the supervisor on an ongoing basis. This will be done during supervision sessions, both in a group and individual setting.

What to Expect

Each group supervision session will be 4 hours and will focus attention on an educational topic within NBCC’s core competencies of fully licensed counselors:  Intake and assessment techniques, intervention, interpersonal assessment, client conceptualization, individual differences, theoretical orientation, treatment planning, and professional ethics. Additional topics will vary and will include paneling with insurances, diagnosing, billing, professional memberships, private practices, marketing/networking, continuing education, and certification in specialties. Individual sessions will have a similar structure, but are scheduled by appointment and vary by length depending on the desire of the supervisee. A majority of the group sessions will be case presentations by supervisees—please come prepared to each supervision session with case information.

In addition to the education above, sessions will involve an informational case presentation from each LLC in the group. This is my favorite part of supervision—hearing what challenges and successes you’re having in the therapy chair. Together, we will problem solve and discuss diagnosis, treatment planning, resources, and assessment on challenging cases. I may utilize outside resources to help educate Supervisees including speakers, media, video, etc. We will also work closely on your confidence and professional identity as a therapist.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Supervisor-Supervisee


  • Examine/discuss diagnoses and treatment plans implemented
  • Challenge supervisee to validate approaches and techniques used in counseling
  • Review basic counseling skills
  • Present and model appropriate directives
  • Intervene where client welfare is perceived by supervisor to be at-risk
  • Ensure ethical and professional standards and understood and maintained
  • Obtain consultation when necessary
  • Complete supervisee paperwork in an expeditious and thorough manner
  • Be available by phone or email for immediate consultation
  • Provide another point of contact if supervisor absolutely cannot be available
  • Report malicious unethical behavior to LARA
  • Report the cancellation of supervision to LARA, if cancelled prior to obtaining full LPC license


  • Obtain and maintain professional liability/malpractice insurance
  • Keep track of all counseling hours and supervision hours
  • Uphold the ACA and Michigan ethical guidelines and professional standards
  • Be prepared to thoroughly discuss client cases, conceptualization, assessment, and plan during each supervision
  • Defend diagnoses as well as approach and techniques used
  • Be willing to experiment with alternative methods of practice
  • Consult with supervisor or designated contact person when appropriate
  • Implement supervisor suggestions in practice and subsequent sessions
  • Provide supervisor with a copy of disclosure statement and LLPC license
  • Provide LARA with new disclosure statements as applicable

Supervision Considerations

  • During supervision, the supervisor may ask to review written case notes, diagnostic documents, and treatment plans. The supervisee may also request documents be reviewed at any time to receive insight and feedback.
  • Issues related to the supervisee’s professional development will be discussed to promote personal growth, identity, confidence, and competence.
  • If the Supervisee is unsatisfied with the supervision relationship, the Supervisor encourages the Supervisee to discuss the matter openly and allow the Supervisor the opportunity to remedy issues.
  • Often, group supervision is a wonderful tool to enhance the knowledge of all persons within the group. The Supervisor strongly encourages cohesion among members of a supervision group.
  • The supervision contract can be terminated, revised, or reviewed at any time per the request of the supervisor or supervisee

Sign-up for Supervision

To reserve a spot for Supervision, please email me at and include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Telephone Number and preferred contact style (text, email, phone, etc)
  • Graduation Date and/or when you expect to apply/obtain your LLC
  • Where you will be performing counseling hours to obtain your 2000 hours for LPC application
  • Expectations for supervision
  • Desire for group size (please indicate if you want individual or what size group is preferable)

*If you are securing me as your supervisor for purposes of your LARA required disclosure statement, I require a 30- minute in-person meeting to discuss your disclosure statement and to review our contractual agreement. If you’re doing your supervision as a group, then other members can attend at the same meeting for ease of scheduling. Spots will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis and as my schedule permits. 

Thank you and we look forward to helping you reach your professional goals!

Amanda Davarn, MA, LPC, NCC, CAADC, DP-C

Julie Shaltry, MA LPC, CAADC, NCC