4 Things To Do Before Your Next Session

Clients often tell me they need an extra long session because so much has transpired in their life between counseling visits. It’s true that when we are dealing with an intense situation or transition in life, a week between appointments can feel like a month. To make the most of your time in therapy, there are a couple tricks to try: 1. Start where you are. Begin the session with where you are or a statement of resolution. That way, the “now” self has a chance to work from that place, versus started where you were last week and potentially not having time to get to the present. Don’t worry, therapists can catch-up quickly. 2. Share what you have learned. Much of the progress in therapy is done in the hours outside of the session. After all, that’s just one hour a week compared to the other 167 hours you're not in counseling. 3. Make a list. Often, when you are wanting to get the most out of the work you're doing, ideas or themes will pop in your head at the most unopportune times. Take a moment to make a note to yourself if it's something you feel needs discussed or that you would like to spend some time processing. 4. Trust in the process. The situations you're dealing with didn't entirely happen overnight, and neither will resolving them. Our relationships, stories, realities, and beliefs have cultivated since birth and that sometimes takes some time to understand.