The Soulmate Trap

Last year, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar hosted by the Gottman Institute. For readers unaware, John and Julie Gottman are not only therapists, but authors of multiple books on relationships and marriage including The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, What Makes Love Last?, and 10 Lessons to Transform Your Marriage. According to the Gottmans, the secret to a happy...[ read more ]

4 Things To Do Before Your Next Session

Clients often tell me they need an extra long session because so much has transpired in their life between counseling visits. It’s true that when we are dealing with an intense situation or transition in life, a week between appointments can feel like a month. To make the most of your time in therapy, there are a couple tricks to...[ read more ]

Parenting An Angry Teen

Raising a teenager can be one of the most challenging experiences a parent will go through. Teenagers are in an awkward stage, dealing with hormonal changes that are out of their control and a developing brain. They’re awakening to new realizations about themselves and the world around them.Teenage rebellion is a natural phase, however, handling it as a parent is...[ read more ]

The Risks and Benefits of Therapy

From the title of this post, I bet you're wondering what kind of risk is associated with therapy. In therapy, there is a risk that clients will, for a time, have uncomfortable levels of anxiety, sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, loneliness, helplessness, or other negative feelings. Clients may recall unpleasant memories. These feelings or memories may bother a client at work or...[ read more ]

The First Step

Counseling is one of the most courageous commitments. That may sound extreme, but it's true. To sit in a room with another person and share your story is nothing short of brave.  I feel inspired and humbled when given the opportunity to be present and journey along with someone, working towards their goals and dreams. But, the therapeutic relationship has...[ read more ]

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